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Growth Hack III – Achieving ABM lite with Leedfeeder

Growth Hacks Marketing agencies london
Growth Hacks Marketing agencies london

We’re big fans of account based marketing here

In fact, we run a account based marketing agency list here because we like to rank hustle with the best of the marketing agencies out there..

We just assume an ABM agency takes that almost as seriously as sales as it’s a great buying signal.

Account Based Marketing Campaign Example
Account Based Marketing Campaign Example

And through this process we’ve begun to understand how and what account based marketing is.

Fundamentally, ABM is a modern updated version of old school B2B sales with the added data layers and immense focus on profiling the personas on an individual basis (or in prospect clusters).

Recent tech advancements have made this all more possible and affordable and has opened up the previously opaque “Intent” part of the top of funnel.

Software can almost tell you that and with a bit of hustle such as outbound email, article creation, social network baiting and round table invites, an ABM agency will up your prospect funnel and conversion rate and before you know it you’re cutting the cheddar next to your number one sales prospect at a social.

It’s sales, and it’s fair game.

And it’s astonishing only the big ticket US software companies take it seriously. And rightly so as ABM gets results.

So how does this help the average small joe mid level SME looking to improve their sales funnels and conversions into real world customers?

Well we think you can achieve a sort of “ABM Lite” utilising a software like Leadfeeder that gives you a view on which companies are visiting your website.

If you’re a business interested in B2B sales you really must do this.

It can be a bit random regarding who is visiting your site and you’ll need a bit of a google analytics hack to link campaigns to anonymous visitors i.e. those on a Starbucks WIFI who could otherwise be your number prospect target.

But start off with the basics of see which identifiable companies are coming to your site and Feedleader’s 30 day free trial is an excellent way for you to try out “ABM lite”.

There are other alternatives but Feedleader is a great starter and we particularly like the way it syncs with Linkedin and data all within the dashboard which is a great time saver for anyone building a prospect list or doing outbound.

Leadfeeder ABM lite account based marketing agency

After you’ve plugged in Leadfeeder by simply adding the snippet to your Google Tag Manager account you’re going to start seeing in near real time actual visitors to your site and which articles they’ve been clicking on.

For example, we’ve been targeting the keyword IT recruitment agencies as we want to try out developing a business model finding high quality candidates and working with specialist IT recruiters to place them at great startups.

But as it turns out…..

We’re getting better traffic for the term “Data science consultancy” as on google UK we’re number one for that search term.

And all this time visitors have just been bouncing in and out and we’d not even known who they are or improving the page!

But now we can see this occurring and it’s actionable under the following “ABM Lite” plan we’ve outlined below

Leadfeeder ABM lite account based marketing agency ukj
  1. Integrate Leadfeeder (or similar)
  2. Identify relevant leads who have engaged with your site or specific posts
  3. Use Leadfeeder RocketReach or to identify five relevant prospects
  4. Email five of them personalised emails.
  5. (Semi) automate via a repeatable possibly outsourced workflow and resource

That’s it!

Why Five?

Unfortunately you can’t tell who visited your site so for ABM Lite you’ve got to draw a fairly quick conclusion of likely intent and the probability of it being a genuine potential lead.

For instance, someone a big software company visiting your an article like this one about “Account Based Marketing UK agencies” and engaging in your site by clicking on other related articles is in play.

But it could be the diligent marketing intern, the Head of Sales, the VP of Sales or just someone who wants to work at an ABM agency.

So email five as that’s a reasonable and achievable spread and one that allows you to move on to the next mini campaign.

Remember, this is ABM “Lite”, not ABM…

In summary, this is a great growth hack because Leedfeeder or similar software gives you a thin intent insight signal that allows you to achieve a “lite” form of ABM when combined with a simple work flow at a fraction of the price of using specialist ABM software and certainly compared to retaining an agency.

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Written by Rainmakrr

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